Chen, Shaohua (George)


Dr. Shaohua (George) Chen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geology at Cape Breton University. He received two Ph. Ds: one from University of Montana, USA (1996) and the other from Simon Fraser University (2000). Before accepting a position at Cape Breton University in 2001, he worked at two companies as a programmer (1999-2001). He also taught for ten years at Zhejiang University (1982-1992).

He has taught the following courses at Cape Breton University:

  • Math 121 Calculus: I
  • Math 122 Calculus: II
  • Math 187 C++ Programming: I
  • Math 189 C++ Programming: II
  • Math 271 System Analysis
  • Math 331 Linear Optimizations


Research Interests

My research area is partial differential equations and their applications, which consist of two parts, one is the theoretical analysis and the other is numerical analysis, including simulations and scientific computations. I am interested in the global existence and blow-up solutions of the time dependent partial differential equations, mathematical modeling and applications related to ordinary and partial differential equations, such as reaction-diffusion equations, image processing, traveling waves, soliton and shock waves, radar beams and heat transfer and fluid dynamics.

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